Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Oh dear, has really nearly half a year passed by already since my last blog entry?

Time is running - so here is a little update on Wine Charms, dedicated to my Mom who started to get quite worried... (and more detailed blog entries to follow asap, promised!):
- became Brand Ambassador for Hess Family Estates (
- became wine tutor for Viniversitaet (
- became full IWSC judge (remember last year I was Associate, so as from this year I am judging 'properly')
- been teaching WSET Advanced
- been travelling a lot (ProWein, LIWF, Budapest, Luxemburg, Warsaw, Hamburg, Bremen, Prague, Duesseldorf again, Wuerzburg & Aschaffenburg and many destinations more)
- was regular member of tasting panels at Meininger
- attended loads of fascinating events in the wine world worth writing about (once I find the time...)
- looking very much forward to Vinexpo now, off to Bordeaux on Saturday!!!

Hasta muy pronto, Isabel

Cheers, Isa